Research: Master Art education, 2019

… as coincidence decreases, waste increases ...

In the thesis of my research, within the Masters in Art Education, I explore the particularities of analogue printing techniques, because my experience, passion and expertise for graphics have taught me that there is more to this than craft and tradition. My focus here lies with the artistic creative process. The booklet “Making/Thinking/Seeing” compiles the results of the research into an argumentation tool for practical workplaces. It shows the relevance of graphic workshops for contemporary art and design education.

The graphic workshop is an ideal training ground for visual artists / designers. My model shows the factors that are decisive for placing the graphic workplace in a dynamic and change-oriented perspective. The right balance must always be made again. It's not just about facilitating the combination of different physical and virtual media. It is about making learning possible in which coherence becomes visible and connections can be made in an innovative way. To this end, it is necessary to create learning environments that offer overlap, gaps and intermediate roads. These have to be explored in practice in order to be able to experience sense and possibilities and to allow a transdisciplinary attitude that is specific to artists to flourish. Competence and knowledge must first be developed; this learning process has many facets. It is of great importance to retain professional knowledge of these old techniques because manual printing techniques are a catalyst for experimentation and artistic research. This is where the playing field lies to understand the basic principles and to get to know them.

Essay: as coincidence decrease, waste increases
Model: making / thinking / seeing
Examples: etching / linocut / silkscreen print

A few things I like about graphics: that choices are irreversible / that every action is visible / that it takes time to do / that there are tangible materials that make contact with each other / that there are physical actions, power and movement which are needed / that you have a limited degree of control / that a lot is gifted to you (Janine Hendriks, printer & visual designer).

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